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Working With Life's Challenges. To Gain Knowledge

Life is always presenting us with challenges. Life challenges come in many forms as relationships, work, money, illness, and decisions and so on. Why do we have these challenges? What are we to gain from them? How can they be prevented? These are a few things we will be discussing.

We are presented with life challenges for a few reasons. Some are self-induced and some are part of our life lessons. Understanding the difference can help us get through them faster and with less difficulty.

Self-induced life lessons are mainly caused by food and lifestyles. They are things we have the most control over but we tend to overindulge in our senses. When we eat food and live a life that is not balancing for our bodies our bodies create toxins. The toxins build in our body and then accumulate at the weakest point or at the part of the body that is connected to the issues that are causing the toxins. By paying attention to our bodies and associating them with our life we can get signs.

Things that seem to be out of our control are parts of our learning expertise or karma. One philosophy on life it that we are born with lessons we need to learn and help others learn. We tend to want to compare ourselves with others and we may ask why their life is easier than ours. This is all point of view. You may see a person that is successful in business and has a lot of money. What you do not know is that they may have been bankrupted many times as they built their business. As the business grew they may have been greedy or not taken care of employees or did not have a healthy work life balance then the business failed so they had to start over. This may happen a few times until they learn that lesson. Maybe you look at the person in an abusive relationship. They finally get out and start fresh. They could end up with another person who is also abusive. If there is a life lesson we have to learn it is inevitable we will be faced with it over and over. Each time it gets harder and harder until we learn the lesson.

Look at life as a river. You are in an inner-tube floating down. Some parts of the river are nice and slow where you can relax. Other parts can speed up and can represent stress or a lot going on in your life. As you float down the river of life there are obstacles that may pop up, imagine this as a rock. We have a few choices to deal with this. Some people when presented with a life obstacle run from it. They would get out and walk down the edge of the river. Once it seems they pass the obstacle they get back in. But guess what, another obstacle pops up again but larger. This will happen again and again until we are forced to deal with it. Other people take on the challenge. This is a belief system. School, friends, and family may say if you have a challenging figure it out, solve the problem. But when we do this we keep running into the obstacle. We may then start to feel stuck like we are not making any forward movement. We still have the pressures of life, that flow of the river pushing us. Now we are pressed against the obstacle and cannot see around it so it may seem larger than what it really is and we still have the other things going on in our life. Then can make the obstacle seem even harder to deal with. Another option is to recognize the obstacle as a learning experience and work with it. Some of them are easy and some can be very difficult but we will make it through it. Yes, it may suck at the time but it will get better. We may bump into it and have some back pressure but we eventually will make it around it.

The quicker we recognize it as lessons and learn from them, the quicker we can move through them faster and easier. Look for repeated patterns in your life. Do you handle the situation the same every time it comes up or does you process it differently, learning and helping change in your life? Also, keep in mind that the same situation can have many lessons learned from it so do not assume that it is the same lesson. Evaluate where you are in life. Many times the lessons mirror us. We may not be taking care of something we need to or mistreating a person that can come back to us as life lessons.

The lessons that can be the hardest to explain are the karmic lessons. We may be living a balanced life, eating the right food, having low stress, saving the world then bam we get sick. We are thinking where did that come from? Why did this happen to me? There could be many reasons for this. Is it because we are giving and giving and aren't able to receive? We may get so sick that we have to let people take care of us. Maybe it could be that you need to exercise and your illness causes you to do physical therapy.

By understanding that there are many reasons for life's challenges. We can look at them as learning experiences then we can make it through them faster with less of a challenge. So when something good or bad happens to you, look at it and ask what did I learn from this?