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About Pete DuMelle

About Pete DuMellle

Pete DuMelle has been trained in Ayurveda, Ayurveda Bodywork and Energy Medicine.  In his practice, he works with the energetics of the person while working with their body, mind and spirit. He works with the individual to restore their unique balance of health by the clearing energy blockages, creating a food and lifestyle plan and rejuvenating/detoxifying spa like bodywork. Enjoy deep relaxations, clarity on life and detoxification/rejuvenation during one of his sessions.

He has completed his Certified Ayurveda Educator and Certified Panchakarma Bodywork Technician at Kanyakumari and has been trained in various energy healing modalities such as reiki, angel readings, energy medicine, chakra clearing and balancing.  He also uses his intuitive abilities to be able to gain clarity and insight on your life.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is a system of health from India that dates back over 5000 years. It assists the body in journeying back to optimal health by balancing the three doshas: Vita, Pitta and Kapha. With herbs, diet, colors, aromas, lifestyle changes, yoga and meditation along with other body therapies.

What is Energy Medicine?

Everything is made of energy and everything affects everything. Energy Therapy is done by working with the body’s natural energy and the universal energy that is around us. The sessions are done hands off or with light touch to the body. We may also bring in other energy tools such as light, sound and crystals healing. Energy Therapy facilitates a deep sense of calm and relaxation as well as overall and specific responses for body, mind, spirit healing. You may feel nurtured, balanced and energized.

Certified Ayurveda Educator

Certified Panchakarma Technician

Certified Pedi Karma Technician

Reiki Practitioner Master/Teacher

Certified  Angel Practitioner Level 2 

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What You Can Expect

Each session is custom for that individual.

Most people start with an energy reading and balancing. This uses a mix of hands off and light touch energy work along with sound and light therapies. This gives the person clarity and removes energy blockage so healing and transformation can start. The individual is given guidance on how to maintain their balance.

Others start with a rejuvenation bodywork such as foot treatment, sinus cleans, body scrub or warm oil application.

Then receive an Ayurveda food and life style plan to lean about what you are doing and eating that is causing your body and life to be out of balance. From there an extensive treatment plan can be created to work on your current imbalances.

Health Benefits

§  Relaxation and  a better sense of well-being

§  Better understanding of your unique balance

§  Detoxifying

§  Clearing of energy blockages– in the body, mind and spirit.

§  Stress reduction and calming of the nervous system

§  Boost any other health practice you are doing

§  Life changing transformations

§  Rejuvenates, exfoliates and softens the skin

§  Moves lymphatics which will release stuck emotions, grief and heart ache

§  Brings in love and peace

§  Stimulates metabolism

§  Realigns energy systems

§  Cleans sinuses, good for allergies, colds and congestion

§  Better well being



Pete DuMelle  has office hours at Geneva Office  and at  The Center for Holistic Medicine in Deerfield/Riverwoods  

825 W. State Street
Suite 119c
Geneva, IL 60134
United States


Sun 9:00am  - 6:00pm
Sat 9:00am  - 6:00pm